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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sunday Snippet

My grandson made a book for me for Christmas. I have chosen this as my 'snippet'

Once upon a time there was a cat. One day a christmas tree arrived at his house. He was really happy, because he could take the decorations off the tree and put them under the bed! Every day he did the same thing. He was the happiest cat in the world! Then, one day father Christmas came and said, stop scratching that beautiful Christmas tree, it's for me to put the presents under. "Here's a Blue Bear for you"
Happy Christmas Everybody!


Spangle said...

Aww this is so sweet! What a lovely Christmas Present!!!

Olga said...

It is adorable! I love the portrait of a cat. He looks very serious:)

T Opdycke said...

Ohh...these are the best gifts ever and the ones held close to the heart; remembered long after the glitter fades into dust.

linda said...

isn't this the sweetest thing!? and is that red glitter all over him? how adorable, isn't it nice to be a grandma? wishing mine didn't live so far away but, maybe that will change!! ♥

Dulce said...

Ohhhh how sweet a story... Just adorable
You must be really proud of him

Hugs Aguja!

aguja said...

To Linda and Dulce - yes, it is glitter and it is wonderful to have him so near, despite the fact that I often have to run around the garden as a transformer with special powers! And, yes again, I am very proud of him, as all grandparents are of their 'nietos'.
Thank you both for your comments.

aguja said...

To Spangle, Olga and T Opdycke - my thanks for your lovely comments. I thought that I had thanked you and then realised that I had not.

I showed all your comments to my grandson, who was thrilled to have been posted, and he says thank you, too. He is delighted.