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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

... since February

Have just realised that I last posted in February!! Caught up in a tidal surge of time passing .... and it's landed me back here!

This is Hugo, who was not caught up in the surge, as you can see, and he loves to 'chill out' on our drive from time to time. He is either the father or the uncle of our cat, Sean, who was rescued at four weeks so does not know that he was previously destined for the street (or should I say hillside - as it is more of that than a street).

Perhaps Sean should feature here, too ....

...and here he is! An extra note - his Uncle Bob lurks down the street and round the corner. Sean walks with us in the mornings and meets up with Bob. 'Bob's your uncle,' we tell him, but we're not sure if he's saying,'Really?' or, 'I may be cross-eyed,' (which he is)' but I'm not stupid.'