I see my mind as a tapestry woven through with memories, dreams and thoughts.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Creating Snowflake Symphony

Snowflake Symphony is my first novel and was written, mostly, in this rear part of our garden.

It is special, not as it is my first but as it gathered momentum over the years. An idea that I supposed, when it first came to me, would not come to fruition. The idea of a symphony, which I could never write, musically, could perhaps become a symphony in words, in the future.

One day, as it is in life, the words began to form. They appeared effortlessly, in a complex manner involving a mind which temporarily splits. One part undergoes its own journey - a journey of the subconscious mind - and is the character Spindel, who encounters his muse, Segment, along the way.

Sentinel, whose sub-conscience it is which has split, without his fully realising, has a journey of his own to complete with Maggie, who is on her own wayward journey.

The stages of these journeys provide for the composition of the symphony, which as the journeys fuse can begin.

The writing style of Spindel's journey is more poetic, whilst the journeys of Sentinel and Maggie are written in the prose of a novel.

I knew, as Snowflake Symphony drew to a conclusion, that I had arrived at what I had hoped to achieve. I would not describe the concept and style as usual but, from those readers to whom the novel speaks,  has come uplifting feedback. Thank you to those people!