I see my mind as a tapestry woven through with memories, dreams and thoughts.

Saturday, 12 May 2018


The Swallowtails have returned to the garden and are enjoying the Valerian

... and the orchids have blossomed.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Creating Snowflake Symphony

Snowflake Symphony is my first novel and was written, mostly, in this rear part of our garden.

It is special, not as it is my first but as it gathered momentum over the years. An idea that I supposed, when it first came to me, would not come to fruition. The idea of a symphony, which I could never write, musically, could perhaps become a symphony in words, in the future.

One day, as it is in life, the words began to form. They appeared effortlessly, in a complex manner involving a mind which temporarily splits. One part undergoes its own journey - a journey of the subconscious mind - and is the character Spindel, who encounters his muse, Segment, along the way.

Sentinel, whose sub-conscience it is which has split, without his fully realising, has a journey of his own to complete with Maggie, who is on her own wayward journey.

The stages of these journeys provide for the composition of the symphony, which as the journeys fuse can begin.

The writing style of Spindel's journey is more poetic, whilst the journeys of Sentinel and Maggie are written in the prose of a novel.

I knew, as Snowflake Symphony drew to a conclusion, that I had arrived at what I had hoped to achieve. I would not describe the concept and style as usual but, from those readers to whom the novel speaks,  has come uplifting feedback. Thank you to those people!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Time to sit in the garden and to reflect on my writing.

It is seven years since I published my first book. I have completed five books to date and the sixth is on its way. About two thirds to go!

A while back, I realised that I have not ever read my books as a reader. There was all the editing, of course, but I was too close to the writing process at that time. So, 'begin at the beginning' I said to myself, and took out 'Violet Jelly', the first book in the trilogy by the same name. These three are children's books about a series of adventures in Cyberspace. I enjoyed creating zany characters and odd, sometimes menacing, situations.

I expected to cringe as I read and wish that I had written it slightly differently, but I really enjoyed the experience and found myself, unexpectedly,  to be happy engaging with the characters and the story as if I had chosen the book from a shelf in a bookstore. This is different from saying that it is the most wonderful book ever written. I was reading for reader satisfaction. At the end, I felt ready to begin the second book, Violet and Lavender'.

Still in Cyberspace, with slightly zany characters and somewhat bizarre situations, this book has a more environmental bent. This too, left me with reader satisfaction. I needed to complete the trilogy.

'Discovering Jasmine T' takes the reader to Florida and is set partly there and partly in Cyberspace. The story draws the reader to the discovery of where the characters originated and I was happy that this happened at the end of the trilogy - a 'to be revealed' factor - rather than explaining their origins at the beginning of the trilogy. Children enjoy mystery and my thought was that they would enjoy the characters and the adventures but maintain curiosity as to how they arrived in Cyberspace.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Here I am - back home and posting!

Yes. I am back from a fantastic holiday in Gulfport and will share some photographs with you. We spent our time marvelling at the wildlife, chilling out and playing music.

A young Anhinga in the early morning ...

... and a trio of Wood Storks

One man and his dog, passing
An afternoon's jamming session outside Hannah's Harmony (music related gift store)

A Snowy Egret wading in a pastel sea

And after the sun goes down ...

... let the music begin! At Little Tommy's Tiki, even the dogs listen!

Funky neighbourhood!

If you have enjoyed these views, I will share some more. Also, remember to check out 'Impression of a Dilemma' as the festive season approaches and you are looking for gifts - see the excerpt in my last post. Thank you for following!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Impression of a Dilemma

This is the cover for my latest book 'Impression of a Dilemma.

I will leave you with  three extracts, as I head off on holiday ... and hope to return with many photographs!


'If I could - just ... squeeze ... through this crack.'
'Why? I would be free. Of what?'
I am slumped against the wall, white and grainy. The crack
is sealing. 'Is it? Or is it that I have let go of pursuing that
outcome?' Here, I remain. Oblivion has eluded me.
I sleep where I sit. In sleep, I dream. 'Or is it inward
thinking - dredging the subconscious and aligning it with
recent events and thoughts?' The recent, having passed, is
not present but close enough so as not to be in the past. On
the edge, about to tip into the category of past; maybe a
limbo - if limbo exists.


Aladdin paused, rag in hand, in his buffing of the
gentleman's shoes, acknowledged Andrew as he left the
hotel on his lunch break. Cheerily, he returned to the task.
'Beautiful shoes,' he noted with satisfaction. 'A shoe worth
having. A shoe worth taking care of.'
He began to whistle. The customer glared. Aladdin beamed
an apology. The man relaxed; regarded his shoes and a
faint smile crossed his face.
'Treat them with care and they'll come back.'
His father had been a cobbler until his untimely death,
leaving debt on the business, meaning that it could not pass
on to Aladdin. His mother had to sell to clear the debt and
now they lived, the two of them, in the flat above that had
always been his home. Below them, now, a 'Take Away


Tonight had gone well and the audience were appreciative.
Andrew and Aladdin had turned up, she noticed. You never
knew with Andrew. He was similar to a creature that is
almost tame, but takes off at the slightest change in
circumstances. 'Nice though. Not a threat. Sometimes
almost invisible.' He and Aladdin often turned up - but
Andrew never came alone. Aladdin was a sweetie. And his
photographs - 'Wow!'

The wall clock showed 1am. Tina stretched, checked the
doors and windows, left on the hall light and carried the sax
upstairs with her. Its home was in the other bedroom. She
lived alone, now that her Dad had died, and preferred to
practise there. It was his sax. Precious. A treasured
inheritance. But it had been a therapeutic influence
following the night that had been her worst experience. She
opened the case; the saxophone would dry out completely
by morning.

Make-up removed, she curled up in cosy pyjamas, beneath
the duvet, and slept.


These extracts introduce the three main characters, whose reactions to an incident which happens create, for them, a dilemma.
I have enjoyed catching upon the posts of those I follow. Blogging is such an interesting opportunity to peek into the diversity that is the lives and thoughts of others ... and to share one's own thoughts and life.

Friday, 16 October 2015



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View all of my books on my web site!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sojourn in Bath

Our sojourn in Bath was brief, just a weekend to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of my husband's nephew, who normally resides in Singapore. It was an amazing gathering of cultures and ages - the entertainment delightful and the food, delicious. We were privileged as it was held in a beautiful Georgian house in Somerset Place -see the photographs - and necessitated my re reading 'Northanger Abbey' so that I could fully enter into the atmosphere.

When the house was restored, the doorways had to be heightened as people were so much shorter in those days. I let my imagination run back in time and could see myself scribbling a hasty note to a would be beau! Oh, the elegance!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Summers' End

The summer comes to an end ... and I reappear in blog-land. During my absence, I have written and published another novel 'Impression of a Dilemma', more of which, later.

I look forward to catching up on your blogs and hope that you will come back to mine.

I leave you with some summer memories:

The Far East

Sojourn in Bath

Vivid colour in the garden

Let's see what Autumn brings!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Just to say ...

Just to say that 'Snowflake Symphony' is available an amazon in paperback and as an eBook.
I suggest, if you feel so inclined, that you look it up as there is a 'Look Inside' feature so you are able to get an idea as to whether or not it is a book you would enjoy.

I suppose I should say - It's Great? Buy It! - but every book is not for every person.

Creating the idea of a symphony in words was a challenge. Combining the poetry and rhythm of words with a story of two people, Sentinel and Maggie, was an uplifting experience. I drew on the formation of a snowflake, which is momentary, transient and perfect, for inspiration. There are moments in time, which we each experience, that can never be repeated and are glorious in that. I also explored the splitting of a mind - each part continuing a course independent of the other and merging later, for the symphony to reach completion.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Sea Garden

'The Sea Garden'

Approaching a new novel, by an author whose books one has read, contains an element of expectation. Will it engage, absorb; will it live up to, exceed, previous works?

So, I opened my copy of 'The Sea Garden' by Deborah Lawrenson (her books 'The Art of Falling' and 'The Lantern' being favourites of mine). i had hoped not to be disappointed ... am hooked; am  held captive as I have not yet finished reading - have paused to write this post as I want to share the experience of Deborah's ability to draw in the reader. I admire the excellence of her writing.

This time, combining flowers, their scents and their hidden power, together with the mystery of a past and the creation of a sinister old lady (brilliantly conjured) immersing the reader in entrapment - that of dreams and horror stories ... need I write more?

At the end, I will post again. In the meantime thank you, Deborah, thus far!

Monday, 8 September 2014

...And now it's September!

Soon, Autumn will be unfolding its spectacular colours

'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'
John Keats


But, for the moment, here, summer still draws to a close, 


Some news. 'Snowflake Symphony' is now available on Amazon. What can I say about it other thanthat it is a book to be savoured. If you love the poetry of words and if the idea of  a symphony in words draws you ... then this may be a book to enjoy.

A lady, Bette Hall, whom I have never met said of it 'You gave me a piece of music. I heard it'.

Here is the completed cover and two extracts - one from each of the interwoven stories:


'As a younger, smaller being I could feel the rhythm of my environment. It made me call out in delight with its tiny, hardly discernible nuances, doubling, tripling upon itself. It lulled me to sleep and lent me a sense of security. I rode its rhythm each day, becoming disturbed if the rhythm was interrupted, lost itself …. and reassured as it returned to the beat that is its essence.
Others rode the rhythm, tussled with it, pushed against it; some let it carry them through. I, Spindel, lived the rhythm, absorbed its perfection, discarded its imperfections. And so I made my way, discovered a path to follow, revelling at each twist, turn, emboldened as I skated long, smooth straights. As I travelled I developed, honing my senses, strengthening my being.'


'Suddenly, Maggie flung open her arms, tilted her head to the sky; shook it vigorously and began to dance, following the wind and the rhythm of spume crested waves. Sentinel stopped; stood mesmerised. His whole being ached. He longed to be a part of that dance; that movement; that rhythm. The wild movement subsided; became, for him, a melody full of grace; sorrow; and lifted again to soar, blend effortlessly with the elements; as if Maggie would rise and disappear.
He ran towards her. She paused, took him with her to move as one, conducted by the ocean; their combined sound blown to the rim of the sky.
Exhausted, they fell onto the sand, laughing; elated.
You are ….,” began Sentinel.
She pressed her fingers to his lips, preventing more. They lay in silence until the wind beat more strongly and with bite.
Sentinel sat up.
Come on,” he said, affectionately stroking wisps of hair from her face.
Time to go.”
Maggie clasped him tightly. He felt the warmth of her tears touch his neck; controlled his breathing to stifle sobs welling within. As these subsided, he kissed her hair.
Beautiful, Maggie. Your hair is beautiful.”
But it was Maggie who held the beauty; the entirety of Maggie. 'Today'. Today surpassed all other days before it; almost his hopes, his dreams.'


And now, I am excited to catch up on all of your posts, which I have glimpsed but not yet read.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

... since February

Have just realised that I last posted in February!! Caught up in a tidal surge of time passing .... and it's landed me back here!

This is Hugo, who was not caught up in the surge, as you can see, and he loves to 'chill out' on our drive from time to time. He is either the father or the uncle of our cat, Sean, who was rescued at four weeks so does not know that he was previously destined for the street (or should I say hillside - as it is more of that than a street).

Perhaps Sean should feature here, too ....

...and here he is! An extra note - his Uncle Bob lurks down the street and round the corner. Sean walks with us in the mornings and meets up with Bob. 'Bob's your uncle,' we tell him, but we're not sure if he's saying,'Really?' or, 'I may be cross-eyed,' (which he is)' but I'm not stupid.'