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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday Snippet

I am posting two snippets, from books that I read this week, as they seem to belong together. The authors' styles reflect the naivety portrayed in the characters.

From 'Tin Toys' by Ursula Holden

'I had never seen a train. It was so long I couldn't see the end. The platform was thronging with people with cases, the train windows were filled with faces.'

From 'Our Spoons came from Woolworths' by Barbara Comyns

'After about ten weeks of married life I began to feel rather sick, not of Charles and married life - just sick in myself. At first it was just a whisper of sickness and I began to think that I was imagining it, then I thought that maybe it was the strawberries; they were very cheap that year ...'


T Opdycke said...

Two fascinating snippets and yes, both carry a hint of innocence and naivety within the words. I certainly relate to the second one when I look back on my first year of marriage.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Our Spoons Came From Woolwroth's sounds good. Thanks for the heads-up.

linda said...

wow, fascinating....the second, i want to run out and read right now! xx and blessings upon your holidays!