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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Storyboard - the final part

This is the conclusion of the first book in the 'Violet Jelly Trilogy'. The adventurers return to their home in Virtual Reality .... but this is not the end as they find themselves involved in another adventure in the second book, 'Violet and Lavender'.

All is fully revealed in the third and final book in the Trilogy, 'Discovering Jasmine T'.

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Words and illustrations copyright of Ann Sharples


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Storyboard - continued

Here is the middle part of  the  'Violet Jelly' story. If you enjoyed the first part, then carry on looking and reading. I shall post the final part on Wednesday. The book is for ages 8-10 and comes in illustrated and unillustrated versions on Amazon.

There are variations in the way of illustrating as part of the action takes place in Cyberspace and some here in our world. Also, some are larger illustrations and some are small and fitted inbetween the words.

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The adventure gathers pace here as the protagonists attempt to reach the Iridescent Forest ahead of  Irus-the-Virus and 
Scream Saver

Words and illustrations copyright of Ann Sharples


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have decided to share with you a storyboard version of 'Violet Jelly'. Many of the illustrations are not in the book as it would have made it too costly. However, I would like to give them an airing and welcome your thoughts on the illustrations. I shall post five pages at a time, so it will take three days to complete. Obviously, there are many abbreviations in order for the script to fit into the limited space.


I created a storyboard as I think that the book would make a good animation
I do not have the expertise to create it.
I see the story in this way, as well as in book form, because I have spent many years being involved in the writing and production of drama (albeit not 'big time').
I love the idea of the book because I can use words and words are what I use best.
I see the visual element because of the illustrations. I love drawing and art in general, so I see Violet Jelly in both forms and did so as I wrote.
Words and illustrations copyright of Ann Sharples

Sunday, 12 August 2012

John Le Carré

 I find these covers evocative of the era and very much in keeping with the overall atmosphere within the pages.

'When Lady Ann Sercomb married George Smiley towards the end of the war she described him to her astonished Mayfair friends as breathtakingly ordinary. When she left him two years later in favour of a Cuban motor racing driver, she announced that if she hadn't left him then, she never could have done; and Viscount Sawley made a special journey to his club to observe that the cat was out of the bag.'

'The greatness of Crane School has been ascribed by common consent to Edward V1, whose educational zeal is ascribed by history to the Duke of Somerset. But Carne prefers the respectability of the monarch to the questionable politics of his adviser, drawing strength from the conviction that Great Schools, like Tudor Kings, were ordained in Heaven.'

These two July Snippets were from John Le Carré's first novels.

The first is from 'Call For The Dead' and the second from 'A Murder of Quality'

Interestingly, these first two books, introducing his character Smiley, were written by John Le Carré as a means of supplementing his income. They were followed by 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'. Reading these two books one can see the development of his skill. The second sits more easily, in my opinion.

He says of 'A Murder of Quality':  ' .... I wrote the book lying down, on beds, in notebooks, in the few snatched hours that were left to me by my family and diplomatic life.'

I enjoy discovering how writers begin their writing career as I can identify with a writer writing, wherever and in whatever mode. How much in life must have begun on scraps of paper and on the backs of packets, or as a scribble on a serviette. The same can often be said of sketches in preparation for the creation of a major work of art ... and no doubt music scores have come from similar lowly beginnings. Incredible .... and it gives hope to each of us who inspires to create.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

School Year Calendar

To break up the reviewing of the July Snippets (more to come) I bring you news of the latest 'Violet Jelly Trilogy' school year calendar, which runs from September 2012 - August 2013which incorporates illustrations from both 'Violet Jelly' and the sequel, 'Violet and Lavender'. It is particularly useful for those working in education ... or for any relatives you may have who are still at school.

The calendar is a free download on my web site:


And, once downloaded, the calendarcan be printed out onto A4 paper or card. I usually then have mine spiral bound at the local newsagent's.

The cover illustration is from the first book, 'Violet Jelly', and is when the party travels by Search Engine as a part of their adventure.

Here is a sample page - November, my birthday month, and Vera, the fly in the ointment, has just popped out of Violet Jelly's 'hold all' bag in her quest for beauty.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Somnambulist

 I have just finished reading 'The Somnambulist' by Essie Fox.

I enjoyed the Victorian atmosphere within the novel and found it compelling reading. Somehow, despite these aspects, I was not drawn in by the characters. They appeared to me as vehicles for the tale rather than characters with whom I developed an affinity, be it of empathy or, that I became enthralled by their lack of morals, disgusted at their motives or deeds.

Although well written, the style of writing, for me, came across as rushed, whereas I like to savour moments or descriptions and to dwell on them.

Looking at my thoughts, I realise that we each reach for something different in our reading. In 'The Somnambulist' I did not discover that tantalising and almost elusive quality that I seek when reading.

I loved the cover design, so congratulations to whoever it was at 'Bold and Noble' who came up with the design

This was Snippet number four of the July Snippets.