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Friday, 10 December 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Perhaps a time of reflection for those who cannot freely watch the skies.

I think of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo .... and I think back to Russian poet Irina Ratushinskaya, who was sentenced to seven years hard labour for writing her book of poetry 'No, I'm not Afraid' ....

From her title poem, 'No, I'm not Afraid'

'No, I'm not afraid: after a year
of breathing these prison nights
I will survive into the sadness
To name which is escape.'


Spangle said...

Powerful words. Great post!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love the "reaches" you make and how you've connected a beautiful but otherwise, ordinary fluffy sky to the incarcerated poet. Beautifully done. Best post I've seen so far today. I've been blog reading all morning.

Though it is time to take a break and enjoy this brisk day!

Thank you for coming by the TPS. I appreciate it very much. :-)

Dulce said...

You have a gift with choices... both words and images. Now I am having a look at clouds similar to that one...


aguja said...

Great Dulce ... hope for a poem soon then??

And thank you!

Hugs back! xx

T Opdycke said...

Those are clouds I'd like to climb upon to rest and ponder...they look so soft and fluffy. Thank you for visiting the Cottage on the Corner and leaving a comment. It's wonderful to make your acquaintance.

aguja said...

To readers of my posts ... my thanks! I am so glad that you enjoy what you see and read. and I would answer, being a reader of your posts, 'igualmente'.

I have lots of clouds. If anyone wants a photo, send me your email address. I love to share ... and clouds are free, a part of the sky.

Elizabeth said...

An amazing and lovely sky
and very thoughtful words.
Came to you via Teresa.
Greetings from New York.