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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cyberspace ... and all it entails

Oddly, with the cyber warfare and hacking that appears to be happening, just now, I realise that 'Violet Jelly' contains this very element; very topical. So, I hope that some children decide to read it this Christmas. Meanwhile, have fun with this excerpt!

Larry and Pansy Soup have been trapped by Number Cruncher and hope to escape by what they believe to be a way out.

'The 'Staircase to Freedom' leads to Scientific Language Guru's tower. It tips them into the tower room. They are terrified. Everything moves.The floor makes waves. The walls breathe in and out. The ceiling pings up and down. But, worst of all, Scientific Language Guru is all over the place. Here - there - everywhere. There - here - not there - not anywhere. Scientific Language Guru repeats itself over and over, blazing and fading around the room.'

'Violet Jelly' by Ann Sharples



T Opdycke said...

I've actually had a repeating nightmare of being in this very kind of room with a floor that tips back and forth and walls that "breathe in and out..."

I think I'll check out Violet Jelly as a possibility for the seven year old on my list.

Have a grand evening!

aguja said...

You are so wonderful to even consider it! It is for 8-10 years, but fine for reading to someone of 7 years - and depending on reading skills, could be read alone by that age group; one cannot be precise with books.

It is a fun sort of book and the sequel (it is a part of a trilogy) will be out next year. I have so enjoyed writing it and hope that it shows. You can look inside it on amazon.com - which is a great advantage. Also, today, there is a cheaper, unillustrated version, so there is now a choice.

If you do decide to buy it then it will be my first 'online sale'. However I am not attempting to press you to buy - just excited that you are considering. Sorry for the longish reply comment ... and that you have been in that room!

Spangle said...

'Violet Jelly' is definitely a very topical book at the moment, I hope loads of children get to read it. I love this excerpt!

aguja said...

Thank you, Spangle!

linda said...

i have been so addled i did not realize that you, aguja, are ann sharples? yes? i was thinking of this book for my precocious 8 yr old grandson and when i read it's a trilogy, all the better. He adores those!! and it looks and feels so very well-done so brava to you, my dear. i also love the art!

now to the heart of my popping by--your comment you left me today, this early morning, it so touched my heart, it brought some much needed weeping and i thank you for that and for your compassionate way of being here for me. i can feel your care in every word you write to me and it so resonates within, like a clear bell of knowing you hear me. i am filled with gratitude to your heart's way of knowing how gently to hold the beautiful words you write and most especially for me. many many thank yous still that hardly speaks my heart.

have the loveliest of holidays and the most hope-filled and bright of the new year to come. xxoo

My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Ann,
i'm sure many children will love to follow the adventures of Pansy Soup (love that name!)and find your book in their Christmas stocking.
Enjoy the holiday and merry Christmas to you !

aguja said...

Thank you Lala - your notebooks are bound for Christmas stockings! I keep fingering them and want to possess them - 'just for me' - but I know that they will bring joy to the recipients.

¡Feliz navidad!