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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tuesday Taster

..... because I love old words, old stories. This is from a book 'Legends of the Borders' (those between England and Scotland) by Wendy Wood.


'Because the evening sky was stormy behind the Border hills, the lone traveller was relieved to hear the sound of pipes, and, rounding a corner, was able to join the piper who was going home with his cow. The stranger soon made it clear that he would be glad of shelter for the night.
"Aweel, ye're welcome tae sic fare as mysel' and my wife can offer," said the piper, seeing by his companion's attire that there was no need to apologise for their humble home.'


Elisabeth said...

It's a joy to read in dialect, Aguja, however difficult. I like to pick through the words' meanings by reading out loud.

aguja said...

Thank you! And I am enjoying your latest posts, Elisabeth.

Dancing Branflake said...

I need to read that book! I adore Scotland like none other!!!

aguja said...

Ah well, the traveller turns out to be none other thatn the king! And the man is well rewarded for his kindness to him.
It is an old book, published in 1973.
Thank you for commenting! i remember your Scottish posts, well.