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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Snippet

I have always loved this poem, which is from an anthology 'Golden Apples' (chosen by Fiona Waters); one that I have read from to children over the years. It is written by a ten year old boy. I have tried to find him on Facebook to say that I am posting his poem, but he is elusive. Obviously, he is a man, now. If I find him, I shall let you know.

In the meantime, enjoy his poem:

Moon Bat

Once I held a bat, its small helpless
body quivering in my hand.
Its silver grey body like moonlight
shining on ancient web.
Its small shiny eyes had a look
of fear as it stared intently at
I was filled with delight as moon-
light shone through the veil-like
membrane of its wings.
As I lifted my hand to the starry
night, its frail wings lifted it up to
the moon.

Sebastian Mays

As I hold his poem in my mind, I feel that I, too, am holding this precious creature in my hand.

This Saturday my guest post 'Chapters in My life' is on The Oliva Reader (see blog list) ... if anyone wants to read it.


zizi bloom said...

thank you for your sweet comment dear!!
what a great post!

aguja said...

Thank you to you, too, Zizi!

Olga said...

I really love your Sunday Snippets. For me, they are very important, because they give me an impression of many works of literature.

Kristin H said...

Indeed visionary!
Thank you for your lovely comment!!
Have a wonderful Monday!

aguja said...

Olga and Kristen, thank you for your lovley words. Your posts and comments inspire me, too.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, a beautiful poem.

aguja said...

Truly so, Elizabeth.