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Friday, 4 November 2011

Sky Watch Friday

I leave you this photograph to take you into the weekend ... and my apologies that I have had little time to comment, this week. I shall catch up on your posts.
In the meantime, I would ask you to look at my guest post on Spangle's (The Oliva Reader) blog series 'Chapters in My Life' which appears on a Saturday.


Gina said...

Hello, my dear! Lovely. Thank you and happy Friday.

linda said...

i always love your skies and think i will do it and then always forget....:P

anyway i shall go to spangles over the weekend...and no worries, we are all off these days and weeks it seems...maybe the changing of the seasons, sunspots, moon phases...who knows..xoxox

Spangle said...

A fantastic photo to get the weekend started! Thanks a lot for taking part in 'Chapters In My life', your guest post is really interesting.

Paulita said...

I love this photo. I feel like you could turn it upside down and it would still make sense. Thanks for sharing and commenting.

aguja said...

I appreciate your lovely comments. These skies are taken form our hill and I never cease to be amazed by them.

Linda, if you suddenly need some to contemplate for artwork, just say and I shall send them. Email me.

I stood on my head, Paulita (ho, ho) and yes, it could be viewed either way.