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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Snippet

St. Kevin's Church, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

St. Kevin was born in the year 498 and died in the year 618

This piece is taken from Wikipedia, to explain the photographs above:

His life is not well known, as no contemporaneous material exists. His Latin vita maintains that he was descended from a royal line and was related to the Dál Messin Corb. He was given the name Coemgen, which means "gentle one", was baptized by Cronan, and educated by St Petroc during that saint's sojourn in Ireland. He lived in solitude at Disert-Coemgen for seven years, sleeping on a dolmen (now known as "Saint Kevin's Bed") perched on a perilous precipice, that an angel had led him to, and later established a church for his own community at Glendalough. This monastery was to become the parent of several others. Eventually, Glendalough, with its seven churches, became one of the chief pilgrimage destinations in Ireland. His legend says that he lived to the age of 120.


Angela said...

I so wish to visit Ireland one day! It calls to me. Thank you for sharing your visit with us...
Last night I watched a fantastic movie called The Guard, set in Ireland, hilarious, irreverent, lots of bad language and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

aguja said...

Sounds like Ireland to me! You will love it. Let me know if you are ever on the way there as we could meet for a coffee in Dublin, if I happened to be there at the same time. We lived there for nine years, so it is like going home. Ireland is my spiritual home.

Olga said...

Having seen these photos, I can only say 'Wow'. It's my dream to visit Ireland.

aguja said...

May your dream come true, Olga!

linda said...

what an interesting story...i've never heard of him but that is hardly surprising. ;) thank you for sharing.... seems his community was very disciplined, to say the least!!