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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Snippet

I have chosen this snippet from 'The Plough and the Stars' - a play by Seán O'Casey.
The play deals with ordinary people caught up in the 'Rising' in Ireland in the early 1900s and the First World War. They live in a tenement in Dublin. The characters are strong and well portrayed. They are trying to make sense of it all as it happens around them.
At the end of the play, one question still demands of us an answer:
'Is there anybody goin', Mrs. Clitheroe, with a tither o' sense?'

Here are two of the puzzled characters:

'Fluther. We're all Irishmen, anyhow; aren't we?
The Covey (with hand outstretched, and in a professional
Look here, comrade, there's no such thing as an
Irishman, or an Englishman, or a German or a Turk;
we're all only human bein's. Scientifically speakin', it's
all a question of the accidental gatherin' together of
mollycewels an' atoms.
Fluther. Mollycewels an' atoms! D'ye think I'm goin' to
listen to you thryin' to juggle Fluther's mind with
complicated cunundhrums of mollycewels an' atoms?
The Covey (rather loudly). There's nothin' complicated
in it. There's no fear o' the Church tellin' you that
mollycewels is a stickin' together of millions of atoms o'
sodium, carbón, potassium o' iodide, etcetera, that,
accordin' to th' way they're mixed, make a flower, a fish,
a star that you see shinin' in th' sky, or a man with a
big brain like me, or a man with a little brain like you!
Fluther (more loudly still). There's no necessity to be
raisin' your voice; shoutin's no manifestin' forth of a
growin' mind.'

All quotes are from 'The Plough and the Stars' by Seàn O'Casey, edited by Seàn Moffatt


Gina said...

Oh, that is a very good snippet! The Irish are so clever. Love the way it's written in dialect.

I hope you are enjoying your days. :-)

My Castle in Spain said...

...all human beings...yes !
Que tal, Ann ? Hope you had a great summer in your beautiful Valencia. Do you also feel that summer ends quite suddenly ? We have chilly nights now here in Andalucia and it seems like summer has gone so quickly...well as usual...
You're lucky to go to Ireland! I lived there for 1 year and I love this country and the Irish....
Have a wonderful time!

aguja said...

Yes, they are, Gina. It is a great play to read as you realise the complexities of the situation. The version I have is published by Gill and Macmillan and has interesting notes. I have this version as I used it with students at the time.

Lala, our nights are chillier, too. We had a great summer, but it has passed do quickly.
I am looking forward to my week in Ireland, starting Wednesday. We lived there for nine years and loved it, too.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I have never heard of this play, but I will have to read it now...I have always wanted to go to Ireland.

aguja said...

Do go 'Chelsea Girl' - it is great. 'The craic is ninety' is what they say!

Olga said...

As always, your post is fascinating, and your choice is my choice!

aguja said...

Thanks Olga! One day we may even meet up for a chat. One never knows!

zizi bloom said...

thank you for your comment sweetie!
have a lovely night!

Paulita said...

Great dialogue in this. I can hear the thick Irish brogue.