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Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday Muse

From 'Ireland in Poetry' edited by Charles Sullivan


M I C H A E L L O N G L EY ( B O R N 1939 )

Poems in the palm of the hand, life-lines.
Fingers tapping the ridge of the shin-bone.
The bridge of the nose, fingerprints, breath:
Then the silvery skin of the lifeless,
Ivy increasing the secrets, the answers —
The physician's power in cold dwellings.
Candles behind this veil of synonyms.
A blind man's lovely wife and signature.

There is a stone such as this a few steps from the house in which we used to live, in Ireland. The story of the stone goes like this:

A man found the stone lying in a hedgerow and thought to himself, "Now that would make an excellent doorstep into my cottage. Alone, or with help, he dragged the stone down the hill and placed it ourside the door to his cottage. Well pleased, he retired to bed for the night.
The following morning, on looking out, he discovered that the stone had gone. Angry, he set off to find the thief. He walked back up the hill and, to his astonishment, found the stone lying exactly where he had found it.
He ran in fear, back down the hill.
The story goes that it belonged to a fairy princess and that he had disturbed her resting place.

In fact, the stone belongs to a prince, or person of reknown at that time. This can be read from the markings on the stone. They are called 'Ogham Stones'.

The stone in the photograph is of the Dunlough Ogham Stone
(Commissioner of Works, Ireland)


Deborah Lawrenson said...

Wonderfully atmospheric posts from Ireland! I like the line about "ivy increasing the secrets", a simple phrase holding much.

Olga said...

Very interesting; I have the opportunity to experience certain moments from Ireland :)

Juan Carlos said...

Magical Ireland. What a beautiful tale!.

My Castle in Spain said...

oh i never heard of the Ogham stones...sweet tale! I miss Ireland and its people..so special and unique..

Style, She Wrote said...

Great photo! xo style, she wrote

aguja said...

Thank you for your comments. I love to share Ireland as it is a place special to me. Juan Carlos, thank you for joining! I will find your blog when I get back home.

Kristin H said...

Wonderful thoughtful post!

Dulce said...

Hi Aguja
Been scrolloing down to see all your snippets- I how I love Ireland- been to most you've shot!!!
And I love that sky- face shaped

Hope to see you soon my dear!

aguja said...

Thanks Kristin and Dulce. I appreciate your comments and will be back to comment on your blogs, soon.