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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sheep Recipe

More fun ... a remnant from a 'woolly' life in Ireland.

Sheep recipe

Full, fat, woolly fleece
rolled to shape.
Ram in four blackthorn legs,
scooter ears,discoloured acorn face
complete with mechanical baa
in varied pitch.
Multiply by forty or fifty
and place on verdant green
smooth hummock-hill.

There leave your flock of sheep
to safely graze the
pasture opposite your eye;

to butt and race wool-wobbling
daily rituals, whilst you,
behind confining window,
perform a daily ritual;
watching them.

** And today marks an occasion - my book 'Violet Jelly' is now for sale on amazon.com - so I hope that many 8-80 years, plus, will read it ... for fun! **


My Castle in Spain said...

Your recipe makes me smile...i wouldn't mind such a daily ritual...
Congratulations for Amazon ! this is wonderful and calls for a glass of cava !

aguja said...

Thank you for your kind words ... and yes, the cava is cooling!

dulce said...

Oh this is simply fantastic!!!
I love the picture you depict with your amazing words, even without the support of the photos... I feel the smell, the sound... the feeling of being there...
What a nice recipe!

Thank you for this and your comments in my blog!


aguja said...

Thank you Dulce! I am glad that the recipe pleases!