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Friday, 13 August 2010


This is what I love about life and the unpredictability of fun; that it is certainly more crazy than any fiction.

My Spanish neighbour insists that one of his small 'rescued' dogs, Yani, has a degree from Oxford (cap, gown and all) and that its reason for trotting down the mountainside to visit me is to study for a degree in English.
Yani is delighted to have such an excuse to avail of the fuss and garden soft furnishings!

More summer, or all the year round, madness - I turned from tidying something into a drawer to type in my email user name only to find that it had been done for me (incorrectly, I hasten to add). I looked away from the screen to find Rupert, my black cat assistant, sitting innocently at the side of the keyboard intimating that it was nothing to do with him and that had it been so there would certainly be no errors. At least I think that that was what he inferred.

'Rupert the Panther' taking time out from computing to play with 'Sean Cuddler Kitten'

Back to earth and sanity as I discover the need to redo sixteen illustrations that are in the incorrect resolution.


Spangle said...

I can just imagine the dog with his cap and gown on. Also a rolled up degree in his mouth!
I can also see 'Sean Cuddler Kitten', being some kind of gangster and 'Rupert the Panther' being like his henchman....I'm sure the reality is far from what I imagine though. Anyway, it's good to have a little break from reality from time to time...I hope the corrections aren't too much hard work!

aguja said...

Love your comment!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Oddities indeed - a dog's graduation - that must be very grand!;-)

aguja said...

I have yet to see one!! All just hearsay, but fun all the same1