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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Newcastle City Library

Well, I made it, ran the workshop and managed the podcast - thanks to a fantastic team of librarians.

This library is amazing in itself - an inspiration. All glass and many floors, it is littered with seating areas, places to relax, read, take in the city views (pigeon perspective).

The stars were the children, who produced words, pictures and storyboards, each so individual; each mind and imagination a unique treasure chest from which to create.
A truly enriching and humbling experience .... which I am to be fortunate enough to repeat in the future.

And, I return to find, so much original weaving of words and pictures to delve into on my favourite blogs.



Linda said...

to read such sweet words this morning have made my day to come so much lighter...welcome back and many thank yous for your generous, sweet spirit.♥

aguja said...

¡Igualmente! Yours too.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

You have enriched my Sunday with your sweet thoughts. A warm welcome back, my dear blogfriend. XX

Spangle said...

Glad to hear the visit went so well and that it was so inspiring both for you and the children!

My Castle in Spain said...

Well done and welcome back !

..i see that you have the most perfect assistant..

aguja said...

In answer to you all - it is lovely to be received back into 'Blogland' with such welcomes! Thank you!
It was a great visit ... and yes, I do have a perfect companion - se llama Pedro.
Back to enjoying all your posts .....