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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Storyboard - continued

Here is the middle part of  the  'Violet Jelly' story. If you enjoyed the first part, then carry on looking and reading. I shall post the final part on Wednesday. The book is for ages 8-10 and comes in illustrated and unillustrated versions on Amazon.

There are variations in the way of illustrating as part of the action takes place in Cyberspace and some here in our world. Also, some are larger illustrations and some are small and fitted inbetween the words.

Please comment if your thoughts are so inclined.


The adventure gathers pace here as the protagonists attempt to reach the Iridescent Forest ahead of  Irus-the-Virus and 
Scream Saver

Words and illustrations copyright of Ann Sharples



Spangle said...

I'm really enjoying this story board idea! I can't wait to look at the next one.

Gina Duarte said...

What an interesting creative project!

aguja said...

Thank you. This was just an idea to show my book as a possibility for an animation, although the illustrated version has many of these illustrations in side.