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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

School Year Calendar

To break up the reviewing of the July Snippets (more to come) I bring you news of the latest 'Violet Jelly Trilogy' school year calendar, which runs from September 2012 - August 2013which incorporates illustrations from both 'Violet Jelly' and the sequel, 'Violet and Lavender'. It is particularly useful for those working in education ... or for any relatives you may have who are still at school.

The calendar is a free download on my web site:


And, once downloaded, the calendarcan be printed out onto A4 paper or card. I usually then have mine spiral bound at the local newsagent's.

The cover illustration is from the first book, 'Violet Jelly', and is when the party travels by Search Engine as a part of their adventure.

Here is a sample page - November, my birthday month, and Vera, the fly in the ointment, has just popped out of Violet Jelly's 'hold all' bag in her quest for beauty.


T Opdycke said...

What a great idea your school calender is. I'm quite partial to the month of November (my birthday month, too) and the fly coming out of the bag is so much fun!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful calender.

aguja said...

Thank you Teresa! I do appreciate your support!

Spangle said...

Yes this is a great idea!

aguja said...

Thanks, Spangle!