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Friday, 16 December 2011

¡Viernes Feliz! Happy Friday!

At Last! At last! I have completed the illustrations for 'Violet and Lavender' - the second book in the 'Violet Jelly' trilogy!
Not only that; I have placed them into the book, so it will soon be ready to go onto Amazon, along with 'Violet Jelly'

I plan for each book to be in three formats:


This caters for all tastes and pockets.

My hope is that children will enjoy reading this fun Cyberspace adventure - written for ages 8 - 10.
So far, I am happy as children have given me positive feedback, some of whom have written their thoughts, which I have posted on my web site.

Have a look, because there are free downloads, too, including 'Atchoo!' - a book for ages 3 - 5 - about a giant with a cold.
Also, there is help with Number Bonds, which often cause problems and this method can help.
There are bookmarks which can be downloaded and printed onto card and a school year calendar with illustrations from 'Violet and Lavender'.

So, stop by and browse, or tell others to look if they have young children. BUT I do need to add that adults have enjoyed 'Violet Jelly' and are awaiting the sequel.

Now, I am free to complete 'Discovering Jasmine T' - the third and final book ... and to illustrate it, of course.

My illustrations are a combinationn of my drawings and my photographs. The joy for me is that I know the location of each one. The locations are widespread and my husband can verify the urgent, "Stop the car, I want to get out here!!" knowing that I have seen the ideal scene and lighting for an illustration. In this, he indulges me.

No more of me ... but feel free to go to www.annsharples.com ..... and browse!

Thank you for reading!


Spangle said...

Congratulations on completing the Illustrations! It's really exciting when everything comes together.

I really hope that your books do well. I'm a 'Violet Jelly' fan!

aguja said...

Thanks! Here's hoping!

tinajo said...

Congrats - that is great news! :-)

aguja said...

Thank you Tina Jo!