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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Snippet

'“Are we going to Memory Bank?” asks Pansy Soup. She feels excited. In her mind she sees Memory Bank as a large cave echoing with memories, “but it probably isn’t like that at all,” she thinks and shivers. She turns to Larry.
“I wouldn't like to find bad memories,” she whispers to him, “especially not in a cave.”
“Then we won’t look for them,” whispers back Larry. “I think that it’s a bank. If it is, the memories will be locked away.”
“I don’t want to travel on another watermelon, Violet Jelly,” shudders Lavender, interrupting Pansy Soup’s thoughts about memories. “That situation was far too sticky and striped.”
“Let us see what Laptop suggests,” answers Violet Jelly. She types in ‘MEMORY BANK’ and presses ‘RETURN’.
A soft, damp mist comes down. It is refreshing and cool. The middle of the mist turns warm and feels cosy. They each become drowsy and light - so light that they float.
“I,” thinks Pansy Soup, but she is too drowsy to finish her thought and she drifts in the mist, mind and body.
“Lull - a - bye....,” Lavender's voice sounds out softly and slowly through the mist.
“Bye,” whispers back Violet Jelly.
“Zzzzzzzz....” Larry is snoring, until...
“Oyez! Oyez!” bellows a deep voice.
‘Clang! Clang!’ sounds a large, brass hand bell.
The cacophony of noise brings Larry to his senses. He rubs his eyes and thinks, “It’s my ears that are sore. I should be rubbing those.”'

To be published soon: 'Violet and Lavender' by Ann Sharples



Spangle said...

I love the idea of travelling by watermelon! Great Snippet!

Paulita said...

Interesting. I like the being too drowsy to finish her sentence because I've felt that too. Is this a children's book? Otherwise, I think it's similar to Alice in Wonderland and magic mushrooms might be necessary to fully understand the book.

steven said...

wow ann really?!!! the first book was a fan fave in my class but i'll write you about that elsewhere. when does this one appear?!! steven

tinajo said...

Love the names! :-)

aguja said...

Brill! Thank you so much for your comments. The book is for ages 8-10 and is a fun fantasy adventure in Cyberspace. I hope that it will be on Amazon early next year ... the first book (Violet Jelly) of which Steve writes, is already there.
Steve - you don't know what a wonderful Christmas gift your comment is! And get them to write or draw for me ... big please there!
Tinajo ... your boys might like it. Look on amazon.com because you can look inside there to read some.

Melissa Sarno said...

Thanks for letting me meet these characters. For some reason I just love this line: -“I,” thinks Pansy Soup, but she is too drowsy to finish her thought and she drifts in the mist, mind and body.- Pansy Soup is a great name.

aguja said...

Thanks, Melissa! I think that you would enjoy the books ... a little crazy, but hey!