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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Snippet

'Aire Force' (Allom and Rose)


... Showering and springing,
Flying and flinging,
Writhing and ringing,
Eddying and whisking,
Spouting and frisking,
Turning and twisting,
Around and around
With endless rebound! ...
Dizzying and deafening the ear with its sound ...
Collecting, projecting,
Receding and speeding,
And whizzing and hissing,
And dripping and skipping,
And hitting and spitting ...
And thumping and pumping and bumping and jumping,
And dashing and flashing and splashing and clashing;
And so never ending, but always descending,
Sounds and motions for ever and ever are blending,
All at once and all o'er with a mighty uproar.
And this way the water comes down at Lodore.

Robert Southey
('Rhymes for the Nursery' 1812)

Southey wrote this poem to answer a nursery query,
"How does the water come down at Lodore?"

Lodore is a waterfall in the Lake District, near Lake Derwentwater.

(The images and words are taken from 'The Illustrated Lake Poets' by Molly Lefebure)


Gina said...

That is very sweet. :-)

How have you been? We arrived home from Amsterdam, Holland to record temperatures and humidity. It's been days now and we don't use AC, so we're suffering!

take care.

aguja said...

Oh no! Take care in the heat as the contrast will have been amazing.
I am fine, apart from a saga with a blocked drain!! It is now functioning once more.
Thank you for visiting and look forward to hearing about Holland.

Style, She Wrote said...

Very sweet. Great picture, too. xo style, she wrote

t said...

Great post!


aguja said...

Thank you both ... and 't' for your visit