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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sky Watch Friday

I have chosen this cloud, which passed my way a few days ago, as it reminds me of John Burningham's book for children called 'Cloudland'. I went to an exhibition of the work of chidren's illustrators a few years ago and it delighted me to read that he had gone in search of exactly the right clouds for this book and had found them in Scotland. I loved this idea and it spurred me to collect photographs of anything that could well work in my own illustrations.

About the book - I always feel that it is about a child with concussion or in a coma, not overtly but subtly. However, it does not say that it is. Has anyone read it to children or grandchildren and, if so, what did you think?


Elisabeth said...

I don;t know this book, but I enjoy the clouds here. I'm here via Steven's blog and pleased to meet you.

Elizabeth said...

How bountifully billowing!
A delight!

Melissa Sarno said...

I have not read this book but I'm very intrigued. I like the idea of collecting photographs to inspire illustrations or images for a story. Good idea.

aguja said...

Thank you for visiting Elisabeth! I will reciprocate.
Love your words Elizabeth!
Glad you like the idea Melissa. At present, I am trying to illustrate a book for Spangle - she has had a great idea (3-5yrs) - but it is not using photographs as a base, which I do use in my 'Violet Jelly' trilogy.

Olga said...

A really beautiful post. I associate clouds with dreaming.

aguja said...

And maybe floating off on - as did Moomintroll, Olga!