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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Words for Wednesday

A bit of a change this week. And the words do not paint a pretty picture.

I feel that I should give a little explanation before posting this poem.
It was written in 1991 to express my feelings of the futility of war. I remembered it, yesterday, and still feel the same. When I feel the horror of the slaughter of innocent people anywhere, by those in charge of any nation, east or west, I want to cry out - STOP! My voice is small, although strong, and my tears are genuine, for those killed and those sent out to kill. But hope has to remain, that one day greed and power will be overcome by compassion.


Arms present
tread dust
head held high
in blood lust.

Proclaim in all fairness
the action you take
is being carried out
for righteousness sake.

Arms present
tread dust
head held high
in blood lust.

Worship with weapons
fanatical zeal
sieze innocent lives
demand and deal.

Arms present
tread dust
head held high
in blood lust.

AS 1991

There is more, but this suffices ......


T Opdycke said...

aguja...such powerful words. I can feel your frustration and understand it so completely. If we all stood in a line with hands raised would those of us who abhor war and killing outnumber those who seem to grasp every chance to march into battle? I think we would.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

This is naked, unflinching, painful and haunting in nature.

aguja said...

I am so glad that I do not stand alone ... and I believe that you are right, Teresa.

Angela said...

you really are a wordstitcher
a beautiful and powerful poem..

Melissa Sarno said...

Beautiful words and I agree with you 100%. I want to yell STOP too!

Linda said...

i feel you speak for us all with your powerful words....and it is so sad, i can barely hear the news anymore...xxx


aguja said...

How wonderful it is not to be a lone voice - as we each of us must sometimes feel. Thank you for so much support now that this poem has seen the light of day. I musy have been saving it for this moment in time.
And it is all so unbearably sad.