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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Snippet

I have chosen the first two verses of this eleven verse poem from the anthology 'Sea Grapes' by Derek Walcott:

Sunday Lemons

Desolate lemons, hold
tight in your bowl of earth,
the light to your bitter flesh,

let a lemon glare
be all your armour
this naked Sunday, ..........


Elizabeth said...

Fabulous quote
lemons are so stunning visually as well as tastewise!

steven said...

lemon glare armour . . . bitter brightness. wow! steven

Dulce said...

ah- great choice my dear, for this naked yellow lemon... let it be sweet :-)

Style, She Wrote said...

Love it. xo style, she wrote

aguja said...

Am having lemon and honey at the moment as I have a nasty cold virus ... so it turns out that this was sort of an appropriate post!

Thank you for your comments.