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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Snippet

For all writers of any poetry, prose, non-fiction, drama, blogs, notes on pieces of paper, collected musings and ideas .... and for words themselves, from wherever they come .... I found this:

'Why isn't the author's written word enough? Why must she follow her book out into the world like an anxious mother, to hold its hand and vouch for its character? Why, for that matter, is a book more desirable when it has the author's signature on the flyleaf? .......... Celebritization of authors rivets the nation's attention on a handful of books each year, shutting out diversity, leaving poets and first novelists to huddle in the cold with masses of nonfiction scholars whose subject matter is more vital than it is sexy.'

From 'Postcards from the Imaginary Mom' p163
'High Tide in Tucson' by Barbara Kingsolver


Spangle said...

Great Snippet, which perfectly illustrates the struggles in which writers (particularly new ones)face, whilst trying to publish their work.

Melissa Sarno said...

Good question. I wish I knew the answer :-)

Linda said...

what a fabulous question and i think it goes for all artists...it's extremely difficult to not get lost in that pursuit over the original desire of one's heart... and we must be exactly opposite time zones-well maybe :)
great quote!

aguja said...

I agree with each of your comments and think it s great that someone already well known is thinking of artists everywhere, their passion for their work and the fact that it so often goes unrecognised.

At least we can empathise and ponder the question.