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Monday, 14 February 2011

El Día de San Valentino

Did Not

'Twas a new feeling - something more
Than we had dared to own before,
Which then we hid not;
We saw it in each other's eye,
And wished, in every half-breathed sigh,
To speak, but did not.

She felt my lips' impasssioned touch -
'Twas the first time I dared so much,
And yet she chid not;
But whispered o'er my burning brow,
"Oh, do you doubt I love you now?"
Sweet soul! I did not.

Warmly I felt her bosom thrill,
I pressed it closer, closer still,
Though gently bid not;
Till - oh! the world hath seldom heard
Of lovers, who so nearly erred,
And yet, who did not.

Thomas Moore 1779-1852

From 'Victoria's Words of Love' volume one


Melissa Sarno said...

Feliz dia de San Valentino Aguja! (I hope I got that right, Dora the Explorer taught me that)

aguja said...

¡Perfecto Melissa! Igualmente. My cat, Rupert, is anxious to add a few words, but I shall leave it at a slobbery purr as he has already deleted my comment once!

Dulce said...

Thomas Moore!That's a good choice you've made to celebrate this love love day.
Thanks Aguja for coming to my recién estrenado blog
Hugs :)
And as you see I keep on visiting my true friends!

Style, She Wrote said...

What beautiful prose! Thanks for posting. Happy Valentine's Day! xo style, she wrote

aguja said...

Dulce, Style, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Dulce, I see.