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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Snippet

As I am still reading 'Wolf Hall' (busy week and not much spare time) my snippet is from my second book 'Violet and Lavender' which I am reading to edit.

'Like a nervous creature, Miss Steak creeps forward until she is in front of the ‘MEAT MEMORY’ box.
Quickly, Violet Jelly fills a ramekin with small pieces of steak. She hands it to Pansy Soup. Pansy Soup takes it and creeps towards Miss Steak. She spoons out a portion and holds it out to her. Miss Steak looks from here to there, like a startled bird. She does not see Morton, who has crept up behind her. Miss Steak stares at the spoonful of meat and steps towards it. Greedily, she grabs the spoon and pushes it into her mouth. She chews and swallows and looks for more. Pansy Soup holds out the ramekin. Miss Steak grabs it and pushes more steak into her mouth.
Morton is behind her. He is about to leap forward, to grab Miss Steak, when a deep noise freezes him to the spot and the lid of the enormous chest in the centre of the room opens. Out steps a ram- an enormous ram.
“Who is eating in my bank?” it bellows with a voice so deep that it bangs against the boxes and comes back again, like a thundering echo. Violet Jelly hastily pops the empty ramekins into her bag. The others cover their ears. But Miss Steak keeps on chewing. She can think only of steak.'

'Violet and Lavender' by Ann Sharples


Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! Ms. Steak. :-) Do you create the illustrations as well?

My Castle in Spain said...

Sweet Ms Steak ! :-)
Ann, i think you would like the Age of Innocence..Scorsese did a great job at adapting Wharton's novel...
Have a lovely week ahead

aguja said...

For Pagan Sphinx - yes, I do it all, even to handmaking the books, originally (great fun!)

For Lala - will find it!

Happy week to you both!