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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Library Workshops

I am back home. Today has been remarkable, very still, cloudless sky and the garden full of birdsong. A day for just thinking and basking in the lower rays of sunlight and clearly defined shadow.

I digress.

Lit. & Phil. Library, Newcastle

Libraries are amazing venues; very intimate. To be surrounded by books and those interested in books; to see the delight on the faces of children eager to create and illustrate; to speak with parents, grandparents, librarians; all wonderful experiences.

The first library is small and cosy, all of us in a corner and the browsers peering from between the rows of books. First the reading, followed by designing characters and finishing with six picture storyboards, telling the character's tale in words and pictures.

The second library, a glass edifice, a beacon for reading, research, retreat from the bustling city life reflected in its 'window-walls'. Here, we gather in a room apart and there is time for sharing thoughts on how each mind processes its writing, drawing skills and how to make use of those.

The third library, set in parkland where I played as a child, evokes memories of the original, severe and uninviting library positioned above the bus station. I forced myself to overcome the glowering librarians of that day, to be among beloved books; dreaded being singled out for making some error. But now,the parkland provides a backdrop, friendliness pervades and we chat and discuss, future opportunities here, next summer.

I leave the libraries enthused by their response and encouragement - smiling, for is that not a part of life's purpose, to encourage one another??

Lit. & Phil. Library, Newcastle


Spangle said...

In my opinion if more people encouraged others, rather than pick out their faults, the world would be a nicer, more productive place.

I really miss going to the library, for the atmosphere and the experience of discovering new books. The photos look so inviting. I'm glad you had a good trip.

aguja said...

Thank you1 I think that the new library in town may be open - check it out.

My Castle in Spain said...

You would love the library of Hospital Real in Granada !
Thank you so much for your order..i sent you a convo on etsy because your address appeared as no confirmed. Could you just confirm it to me ? thank you and have a great week end.... :-)

aguja said...

Will do!

Melissa Sarno said...

I love the library. One of my favorite places in the world. I miss going to the library. These days I'm part of the New York City system, which means I put in an order online and pick it up when it comes in. It's just not the same. :-)

aguja said...

I don't have the same library experience here in Spain - only when I visit the U.K. I have to buy my books from amazon, or swap with friends.
They are special.