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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Suite Française

`Suite Française´ written by Iréne Némirovsky- I marvel at the words in this book coming into print when they could so easily have been lost forever had not the fleeing Denise Epstein (Iréne's daughter) not stuffed her mother's notebook into her suitcase as a memento. Words so aptly chosen and woven to create the first two parts of the suite. And if Iréne Némirovsky had survived, the following three parts of the suite (modelled on Beethoven's`s Fifth Symphony) would have been stitched to complete the whole.

Suffice to savour the words that have been made tangible.

I cannot accurately gauge the empathy in the translation by Sandra Smith as the French of the original would be beyond me, but my heart tells me that it is well penned.

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