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Thursday, 1 April 2010


I listened and heard beautiful words. My teacher read us so much poetry. I was, at age 5, both mesmerised and intrigued. And then she read Wordsworth's 'The daffodils'. Not childs play. I beheld those daffodils and longed to write a poem. I tried to comprehend what a poem is. In my notebook, at home, my pencil began its journey, following the struggling mind. I wrote:

When I was walking in the woods
I saw a bunch of daffodils.
I picked a bunch of daffodils
And then went home for tea.

( Here, a sudden realisation that I would be in trouble if they died there on the page!)
And continued:

When I got home my mother said, "Put these flowers in water before they die."

This was the very beginning of my desire for words.


Spangle said...

I love this post because it tells perfectly the idea that when writing, one idea can lead you to places that you never had expected to go. In my opinion, that is the exciting thing about writing.

My Castle in Spain said...

thank you for your visit Aguja! I will follow you because i love the concept of your blog...stitching words..
Happy Easter to you !

aguja said...

Thank you Spangle and My Castle in Spain - Happy Easter to you both!