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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Sea Garden

'The Sea Garden'

Approaching a new novel, by an author whose books one has read, contains an element of expectation. Will it engage, absorb; will it live up to, exceed, previous works?

So, I opened my copy of 'The Sea Garden' by Deborah Lawrenson (her books 'The Art of Falling' and 'The Lantern' being favourites of mine). i had hoped not to be disappointed ... am hooked; am  held captive as I have not yet finished reading - have paused to write this post as I want to share the experience of Deborah's ability to draw in the reader. I admire the excellence of her writing.

This time, combining flowers, their scents and their hidden power, together with the mystery of a past and the creation of a sinister old lady (brilliantly conjured) immersing the reader in entrapment - that of dreams and horror stories ... need I write more?

At the end, I will post again. In the meantime thank you, Deborah, thus far!

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Spangle said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this. I have read 'The Lantern' and thoroughly enjoyed that, so I'm encouraged to hear positive things about this novel.