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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

¡Por fin! At Last! Plus, a Tuesday Taster

Here I am with a bit of a 'catch up'.

The cataracts are done away with so I can work on the computer once more. I shall post ... and then I shall catch up on my fellow blog companions.

Here we are in Ireland - Wicklow, to be precise. We used to live just south of the town and rented a small house near to the old gaol:

the main street:

the bar:

the jamming session

We caught up with friends and managed to join the Friday night jamming session at Ernie's Bar. It is fantastic to have the opportunity of playing alongside good musicians, some of whom are Irish Champions.


As it is Tuesday, I shall leave you with this taster:
My name is Spindel – or it could be Sentinel.


In one time, I experienced radius; double radius. It sliced and as it sliced, I parted; two personae out of one – to become one later, in a different place.


I was here and I was there at the same time; in both places at once …........ and it began to happen. It: I cannot tell what 'it' is – not yet – perhaps further on – maybe not at all.


'In the great scheme of things' is often said. I suppose that is where I am, but not in an exact space; not in an exact time.


The questions are ...... would you read on and, if so, what draws you?

        evening draws in over the harbour

Be back soon!


Dulse said...

Lovely photos.... Thanks for sharing a piece of your time... ay cómo me gustaría estar por ahí


Style, She Wrote said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your travels. xo style, she wrote.

Agus said...

Gracias por esta preciosa visita por este encantador pueblo de Irlada...
ya que la economía no está bien y no sé si podré ir alguna vez, al menos una visita guiada a través de tus lindas fotos, se agradece...
un abrazo Aguja!!

aguja said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Agus, muchas gracias para tus pensamientos.

Spangle said...

Yes I would definitely read on. Great photos too!

aguja said...

Good. And thanks for the comment!

Melissa Sarno said...

Just catching up your posts, Aguja. I was just in Ireland! I was in County Wicklow in Enniskerry for 3 days! Then I went west. I would read on. I want to know what 'it' is.