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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have been thinking about what draws me to read a novel more than once and have realised that, for me, it is the words and how the author has woven those words into language that takes me with it.

The style of writing may be completely different and the stories yawning chasms apart; the words can move rapidly, linger, be fun, capture me in a description, cause sadness, anger, move me to reflection or empathy.

Words so elusive that they escape boxes to take their own journey until those authors with the ability to create  individual, perhaps unique, patterns, by tempting and arranging such words (be they simple or complex); it is their books to which I return.

¿ Your thoughts?


T Opdycke said...

You have explained the very reasons I too return to certain books over and over again. A first line that draws me in and holds me along with a satisfying ending are two more reasons. Love in the Time of Cholera is one of my all-time and forever favorites. Marquez's words wash over me like a cool waterfall.

aguja said...

Brilliant comment - thank you! Haven't read 'Love in the Time of Cholera' ,... think perhaps I should. Love the phrase 'wash over me like a cool waterfall'.

dulce ♥ said...

Nothing compares to a book... while you sink in their words it becomes your own world ... how you perceive that other person's view and reality... is then you own view and reality... a world full of magic worth to go for...


Dulce said...

Hi Aguja,

Seen you are away for a while

I am back at My Duality

trying to give changes a chance![ or chances a change...?]

hey- Smiles and hugs


aguja said...

Thank you for your comments, Dulce! Will look you up!

Olga said...

I re-read books usually when I liked them before. I have the slight suspicion that I might get something new out of them.

aguja said...

I agree, Olga ... and I usually do find more within the pages.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

I'm a great re-reader too. There's something very pure aboout being able to relish the language and the way the author has used words without having to concentrate on the plot too! My long time re-reads include FSF's The Great Gatsby, Lawrence Durrell's Prospero's Cell and Colette's Break of Day.

Hope you're having a great time in Ireland!