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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Think of me Thursday

This is the day of my interview on Talk Radio Europe; I would appreciate your thoughts, so that I do not head into panic mode!!

Will let you know my afterthoughts.

www.talkradioeurope.com 3.45pm (Spain)

www.annsharples.com - don't forget the kindle vouchers to win.


My Castle in Spain said...

Thumbs up for you Ann !!

aguja said...

Thank you Lala! I think that you can get it on the radio. On my web site are the frquencies (under News and Events. If not, there is the video link.

linda said...

oh, in my time zone, I missed sending you good thoughts but am SURE I did anyway! please let us know how things went! xxx

Style, She Wrote said...

Good luck! xo style, she wrote

steven said...

go girl . . . you know you're good no matter!!!!! steven

Olga said...

It's not at all necessary to ask me to think of you on Thursdays, because I often think of you throughout the week. I hope your radio interview was satisfying :)

aguja said...

To answer you all - my heartfelt thanks ... and the interview went all right, excepting that I was cut off for the news as the show was over running ... and we all know that news comes first!!
The interview is now on my web site