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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Snippet

This snippet is taken from:

'The Florida Manatee
Biology and Conservation'
Roger L. Reep and Robert K. Bondie

Here is an excerpt from a truly amazing book that is an indepth study of the Florida manantee. As the title reports, it is factual and informative ..... but I love the intimacy of the first paragraph .......

'On a clear cold winter morning the silence in the water is broken by the sound of an approaching motor boat. It grows louder as it approaches a group of sleeping manatees. Such noise is becoming more and more common these days. One manatee, Piety, briefly takes note, but continues resting in the warm spring waters of the sanctuary with her young calf. She is old and used to this habitual activity, now part of the manatee life. Her calf, however, does not understand and curiosity arouses his attention. He wants to investigate, and mom wants to sleep.'


T Opdycke said...

Hello aguja...the manatees are such gentle creatures and I fear for their safety and existence in the Florida waters. This was a lovely, warm paragraph and I hope that calf stayed with his mama.

Spangle said...

It's so sad that the Manatees are being injured or killed by the propellers of motor boats. More should be done to protect these wonderful, gentle animals.

♥ dulce ♥ said...

Great moment of curiosity and a will to rest, despite the noise. love it