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Friday, 6 January 2012

The Music in the Trees

This post is dedicated to Melissa and her trees; also to Jamie, who many years ago, put my poem to music.

The Music in the Trees

There is a music in the trees
that lilts the air and,
sensitive to much,
their boughs bend down
to listen to the ground.

The ground is warm.
The ground is dark,
but often ill at ease with
the burdens of the company;
and then it gladly listens
to the music in the trees.

Ann Sharples


Spangle said...

Beautiful. This has a Tolkein feel to it.

aguja said...

Maybe. I hadn't thought of that.

tinajo said...

Oh - I know all about life getting hectic at times! :-D Take care! :-)

Melissa Sarno said...

Aguja! Or shall I say, Ann! You have captured two of the things I love most in the world: music and trees. I am printing this and keeping it. Thanks. xo

Style, She Wrote said...

Beautiful prose and picture. Makes me think of the rustling of leaves in the breeze... xo style, she wrote

T Opdycke said...

This is indeed lovely, the magical words and the ethereal painting combine to create such beauty.

aguja said...

Thank you all for making my day!
And it is a photograph that I created, rather then a painting.