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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday Thought

Another poem - and apologies that I cannot leave comments until I return home next week.

This part of Ireland, when one moves from West Cork to Kerry, is beautiful, really beautiful:

Gale Symposium Over Derrynane Bay

To 'aark' of circling gulls rushes wind
in curves round the mountain
creating unforseen circumstances,

brushing dune's marram grass in divided waves
of torn emotion,

coursing shallows
disturbing memories of lost opportunity,

scales watery skin
of silver sea-snake estuary below
to stimulate writhing as it
glistens a path to waiting sea
beginning in circumspect the idea of change.

Urgently fierce now,
cry of gulls commands the elements
and rolling cloud opens rank
allowing dazzle of sun to illuminate
ridged, wet sand set in jig-saw loops
preventing puzzled sea-snake
in its bid for the Atlantic

while gulls rise on majestic fanfare of wind,
instrument of force and change

"Shed scales, shed skin - soar!"

Ann Sharples

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