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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Snippet

Heron's Cove

On the balcony at midnight's hour
feeling healing balm of night,
lips tasting depth of darkness,
hearing soft laps of incoming tide licking smooth
humps of speckled rock resting heavy
in a luminous glow of silt beneath;
immersed in that vital salt soak,
forever drinking of a stealing tide creeping and covering
just as darkness touches and claims skin heat
enfolding it in a cool cloak
and night conceals the solitary heron.

Ann Sharples


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I am also reading today "The sorrows of young Werther" - have yet to read the poetry of Ann Sharples. Might you share the name of the book from which the above is from? Happy Sunday.xx

aguja said...

I am Ann. There is no book, but I can send you some poetry by email, if you would like to read it.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

So sweet of you. Do send along some of her poetry by e-mail. Thank you! Look forward to reading. E-mail address on my blog;-)

Spangle said...

Great piece! Your choice of words are evocative (sp?) and capture the scene brilliantly.

aguja said...

Will do, Fashion,Art and other fancies.
Spangle - am fine with the spelling of evocative!!

Dulce said...

ah- that bird, and the voices i get to hear by this choice of yours... too.

thank you for this snippet, Aguja dear.

Style, She Wrote said...

Beautiful! xo style, she wrote

aguja said...

Thank you Dulce and Style. It is good to be appreciated and means a lot to me - to each of you who have commented.

Michael Faulkner said...

Nice use of language - 'vital salt soak' for example; lovely, thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful poem, Ann.
You should publish more.

aguja said...

Oh! Thank you so much, Michael and Elizabeth for such encouraging comments.. I should love to .... if you know of a pulisher? .... or I may put some together myself as I can do book binding.

Thank you all. I am smiling contentedly.

steven said...

ann i really admire the stillness you've created with these words. the subtle details create a wholeness and a rich silence. steven

aguja said...

Thanks a million,, Steven.

Steve E said...

My gosh! Each word here seems to be carefully placed, as musical notes in a pavane. thanks for sharing with us.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Herons are so beautiful, and what great words to go along with them!