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Monday, 10 January 2011

Unicorn Sisters by Ursula Holden

In the comments on my Sunday Snippet of 2nd January, I was asked for more on Unicorn Sisters. This piece from 'Time Out' epitomises the book:

Told through the eyes of the eldest sister, Unicorn Sisters is a sensitive, bittersweet portrait of sibling loyalty, social change and innocence destroyed.

Maybe, it was not the intention of the author, but in reading both 'Tin Toys' - the book preceding 'Unicorn Sisters' and told through the eyes of the youngest sister - my thoughts did turn, from time to time, to their mother. What was her perspective in all of this? I wondered if she was as selfish and egotistical as the children find her, in her actions, or was it a combination of grief and denial, an inability to cope, alone, with her children.

The eyes of a child and the eyes of an adult view differently.

I hope that this suffices for those curious to know more.

Incidentally - I find the cover of this version, published in 1989, macabre.


T Opdycke said...

This sounds like a fascinating read and the cover...is that a gas mask the little girl is carrying?

Melissa Sarno said...

That is a creepy cover. Of course, even though the Time Out description is totally depressing, I am intrigued. haha.

Olga said...

I found and ordered in the public library "The cloud catchers". Because of your posts I am very curious about Ursula Holden writing style.

aguja said...

Teresa - yes it is fascinating, but read Tin Toys first. And, yes, it is a gas mask.

Melissa - glad that you think it creepy too. It almost makes me shudder.

Olga - I find her an interesting author and enjoy her writing style. Please let me know about 'Cloud Catchers' as I have not read it. I love the title and would pick out the book in a store, just because of the title.

Olga said...

I am glad that I was able to order 'Cloud Catchers'. I have to wait for delivery. It was the only book by Ursula Holden that they had available to borrow.