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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Ultraviolet Butterfly

This is posted as a 'Thank You' to all who follow my posts; it is wonderful knowing that you are out there.


Dulce said...

Oh that's really sweet... How come! I found out I was not following you!
Sorry- Now solved :)

Gracias!La foto es PRECIOSA!


Linda said...

how lovely...and thank you as always, you leave the sweetest comments :) and hope you had a nice little vacation from land of blog.

Spangle said...

Wow what an amazing photo! It has been a pleasure to read your blog so far, keep the posts coming!

aguja said...

Thank you all!

Had a fantastic few days with my friend; much chat etc. Then it was off to the hospital with my husband who needed a small op. which has been successful ... so delight all round!

Thank you Dulce! Oddly enough, I thought that you were following! Welcome!