I see my mind as a tapestry woven through with memories, dreams and thoughts.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


To bring to a close my summer scribbles thoughts, I leave you with this poem, written a number of years ago in memory one of my favourite aunts;


I remember where the polished, walnut davenport
was placed against an ideal wall
between two sash windows open on the first floor
to Market street's feet-on-cobble bustle
of an awning bright shopping day.
espresso coffee aroma drifts upwards
from ice-cream parlour below into
cool, dark interior of a silent lounge.
So many words written here,
where wood and leather meet invitingly
and the rocking blotter sucks dry
lines of business and of pleasure.
Pristine paper set in readiness
for metal nib poised to dip.
I can see spider-writing
and your hand;
thoughts scribbled on your mind;
picture you from behind, hair soft, frail figure -
image of a maiden aunt busy penning fond, endearing
phrases, or setting immaculate figures in columned
ledgers. Creeping up on you
I run my small hand round the desk edge,
absorbing solid smoothness through my fingertips
and long to spider-write there too.
Now, the strong clawed feet of the davenport
stand here, letters fill a drawer
and the warm lustre of your presence
creeps up on me as I write.


linda said...

this is lovely...thank you deeply for your sweet words on my post...they touch this heart of mine and i am glad that you like reptiles...i will try and send you mine ;)

aguja said...

Thank you! Enjoy your week!
Will they come by 'reptile express'??

Spangle said...

This is a lovely poem, it evokes loads of vivid imagery in my mind. Great post!

aguja said...

Thank you! ¡Hasta miercoles!

My Castle in Spain said...

A most lovely tribute to your aunt and memory lane...
Thank you for visiting the tapestry :-)
weaving is an art which leaves me fascinated...
Hope you're keeping cool and fresh in that heat!

aguja said...

Yes, but am bound for Newcastle next week, which will no doubt cool me down!

Yes again. I find weaving fascinating and love to watch hand loom weaving being done together with the clacking accompanying rhythm.