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Thursday, 10 June 2010

As the Printer Clacks and Saws

..... I smile and scribble. I love book blogs and to hear from those who love books is a shared experience. Because - I love books; the entity of a book from the handling, feel, the initial opening at a random page, the scent, words claiming their right in whatever print for the world to view; entering the interior and feasting on the content until the final page and the wrench back to reality as the cover is closed.

From childhood, I have delighted in the process of a book being made and would make my own with folded pages tied together with wool - tiny periodicals for friends, illustrated in some way.

Have I changed? Not a bit. Unexpectedly finding myself writing a trilogy for children, I now see through the whole process, from scribble in notebooks to paperback edition, complete with illustrations; writing, typing, drawing combined with photography, cutting, gluing and sticking. Book heaven!

To be totally self indulgent, I would like to share two highlights in my week. One is the creation of the cover for the second book in the trilogy. The other is positive feedback from children who are reading the first book, which is a wonderful feeling for me and the whole point of the writing - for it to be enjoyed.

I leave you with a preview of the cover:-


Spangle said...

I'm so glad that you have had positive feedback from children who are reading the book. It's definitely encouraging.

I love your book cover!

aguja said...

Thanks Spangle!