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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hannah and The Green Hat

No, this is not a new novel! It is a thank you to Hannah Stoneham for directing me to 'The Green Hat' - or rather to the cover that she displayed on her blog which, together with her review, intrigued me into buying the book. The cover is so simple and says so much in its excellent design using only a few lines.
And now to the words within. I am amazed at Michael Arlen's use of words to create such intimate visual images. I will leave you with just a few that captured my imagination.
This is a description of a woman wearing 'the wrong sort of green dress' - 'She looked like a fat asparagus whose head had been dipped in dressing and then put in a warm place to dry.'(p99 The Green Hat). Such a cutting and apt description that I can see her standing there.
And on p134 (The Green Hat) - 'the street lights loiter on vague, bitter errands' - 'The jargon of the traffic ...as it squabbles for every step...' - 'impudent shoplights' - 'shrewish air'. I just love the personification.
These are some of the treasures within, the tale itself being the 'jewel in the crown'.

My thanks to Hannah Stoneham for her review and gratitude to Michael Arlen for his creation, 'The Green Hat'.


Hannah Stoneham said...

Gosh - I am touched - thank you and i am so pleased that you enjoyed the book. I think that the Capuchin Classic covers are really spot on - they are all drawn by the same artist as well - Angela Landels - which I think adds something to the imprint - there is a real unity to it.
A real pleasure to read this post -


aguja said...

Thank you for your amazing posts. I always look forward to them. I am now reading 'Among the Bohemians' which you also recommended. Just to say that your words are never in vain. Keep on posting!